Dt group is a video production company that specializes on corporate films. They have told visual stories about many prominent companies and continue to do so today. Being one of the leaders in the field, the decided to enter the advertisement market. To achieve this, they had to change both their strategy and brand appearance.
A riding jockey became the new logo of the company. This makes the company stand out in an industry filled with images of film and lenses in their logotypes. The riding jockey truly separates the company from their competitors and refers to the experiments of Eadweard Muybridge, which were the very first steps of moviemaking.
We decided to use a clapperboard as the main graphical reference. This allowed us to easily design any textual infomation from business cards to presentations without loosing coherence.
Another graphical device is the pattern, which is based on the TV test patterns, chromakey marks and other elements connected with movies and television. It is primarily used to design less formal things such as stickers, hoodies or t-shirts.