Torrefacto is a company of cofferoasters from Moscow. They roast coffee and deliver it to the customer’s door. Their aim is to create the most convenient and human service in the country. The owners keep track of every process during the production, answer client’s letters or their comments on website personally. Clients meet understanding and strong desire to help on every stage of the process.
We decided to make craft and warmth the main themes of the style and translated it into the logotype, materials, colours. And then we added fire. All stationary are literally hand-roasted with soldering-iron. Imprint’s imperfection, texture and even smell, it all speaks of the atmosphere of the small and cozy roasting shop.
  • Torrefacto sells more than 30 sorts of coffee with quite tricky names which can be hard to remember. Often some sorts are removed from the range and new sorts take their places. To make orientation among them easier we introduced numbering system. Now to recommend somebody your favourite sort of coffee you just tell its number. Easy.
  • Each sort of coffee is is placed into one of six groups based on its taste. Stickers are made of uncoated paper which softens the gloss of the pack. Also this paper allows to add date of roasting, grind and other necessary marks without using more stickers.
  • In close cooperation with the founders of the company, we rethought and redesigned their website.